Fresh, green lawns all-year-round

When you think about sitting back and relaxing in your garden this summer, we're sure that you picture rolling green grass under your feet. If you're in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk or Norfolk and your garden is falling short of your dreams, Cambury Turf are here to help, with our range of Turfmaster brand turf.
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What is Turfmaster?

Turfmaster is our own brand of specially grown turf, grown from a utility/landscape mix and a 15-20% dwarf rye grass mix. Turfmaster is ideal for creating high quality lawns and provides a great all-year-round colour to achieve that look you've always wanted. It also establishes quickly, so you'll have beautiful green grass in no time, that recovers with ease from everyday use. We also have a fertiliser programme that ensures our turf continues to meet the highest standard that we demand from our turf.
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Included in the purchase of Turfmaster:

  • Free expert advice
  • Irrigation of turf fields during dry seasons to encourage root growth
  • Standard harvester turf rolls of 1 square metre
  • Bigger rolls available for larger areas
  • Drought tolerant RTF turf (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue)
Speak with our team
For more information on our Turfmaster brand turf, or for installation throughout Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, call Cambury Turf today on:
01353 723 399
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